Friday, June 24, 2011

Swim Lessons

 I read that in Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California, drowning is the number one cause of death for children under 5 years of age. That's such a frightening thought! So when we attended swim lessons with my nieces and nephew today, I was so excited when the instructor offered to teach Gabriel as well. At the beginning of the session she showed me how to teach him to hold his breath. He did it the first time she put his head under the water! We practiced while the other kids had their lessons.

Scout has gone from being terrified to put her face in the water, to being a little fish! Prior to our visit, she mastered the swim-float-swim technique, and her skills were put to the test while fully clothed. Her instructor simulated her falling into the pool by turning her over in the water. She had to pull her jacket off of her face, float to catch her breath, and then swim to safety. She passed with flying colors! So today, she had her first snorkel lesson!

A pro already!
 Jack and Davie are still working on swim-float-swim, and are doing great! I was so impressed!

After all three kids had their lesson Gabriel got to take his turn. She would place him in the water on his tummy face down, and then help him to roll over and float on his back. It was amazing how well he did! With just one lesson he was doing a pretty decent job of floating without help.

I'd never given much thought to it before (seeing that we don't have a pool), but I am such a fan of teaching young children how to swim to safety (or an infant how to float until they can be rescued) after talking with the swim instructor! The pool is a place of fun for most, but the reality is, it can be deadly. The simple solution, and one that I'm learning many Florida residents are very passionate about, is teaching young children pool safety and survival techniques.

If you live near Clermont, Fl and are interested in lessons for your infant or child, please contact Kathleen Pickard at (352)24-FLOAT or visit the Swim Safely Facebook page.


  1. The number of drowned kids in Australia is shocking as well. :-( Good thing is that you can start teach babies to swim (or float) but important is to continue. Good luck and fun at swimming ;-) Sonishka from Ladybloggers

  2. My niece just had her first swim lessons. I think it is super important that kids learn to swim as soon as possible!

    Visiting from LBS Tea Party! Love your writing style.

  3. It amazes me, as an adult, how many people never learn to swim. I was in swim classes from a very young age, and I will definitely be enrolling my future children. Not only is it fun, but it's also a very important skill to have. Gabriel looks like he is doing great! Such a cutie.

  4. Hi there!
    So good that you are getting your little one involved in swimming lessons so soon! You can never be too safe! Great photos and a good thing to remind parents to do. I am having a INC black pants giveaway on my blog....If you or any of your friends would like a chance to win them, visit my blog and leave a comment!d Hope you have a nice upcoming holiday weekend with your sweet little one! xoxo Kim