Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrown a Curve Ball

I've been MIA for a while. I apologize for the lack of adorable pictures, and much needed updates on my little Gabriel. We've been spending all our spare time with Daddy lately. You read that right, time with DADDY!! Long story made short, he experienced some medical issues while at boot camp and was seperated from the Navy. The good news is he is just fine, and HOME! Although he's disappointed about this unexpected turn of events, he is thrilled to be back home with Gabriel and I.

I learned a lot during the time spent apart from my husband. Weeks on end with no calls, emails, or even letters leaves you with plenty of time for reflection.

I realized...
I take my husband for granted most days.
Although I enjoy extra room in the bed, I hate sleeping alone.
Taking care of a baby alone is HARD. I don't know how single parents do it.
Vacations don't feel like vacations without Joey.
Home doesn't feel like home without him.
I want to be a better wife and mother.
I appreciate my husband and rarely tell him so.

I'm so grateful to have my husband returned to me. (Thank you, US NAVY!) It seems as though the dust from all this is finally settling and we're finally feeling stable again. We are just now getting comfortable with the new life we never expected. (It's funny how God tosses out a curve ball when you least expect it.) Joey has a new job and has even received a big promotion since starting. I've taken up a part-time job, and we're (finally!) moving into a home of our very own, after living with family during all of these unexpected changes. As we are packing and moving, I'm making a point to remind myself daily of the time we spent apart. I've already slipped back into taking him for granted, and not appreciating the little things. I also tend to get a little cranky when moving (I know I'm not the only one), and I want to focus on the joy that this move will bring to our little family.

Stay tuned for more from us... (I promise the wait won't be as long this time.)

A letter to my Peanut

My little Peanut,
Today you're 11 months old,
and I have no idea where all the time has gone.
You're no longer my tiny baby,
but are growing into a little person.
You cruise all around the room,
and love to push your walker around.
I hate that you won't let me hold your hands to help you walk,
but I love that you are already so independent.
You love to say kitty cat ("key ka")
and starting saying dog ("gog") the other day.
Our new morning ritual makes my heart so happy!
You carefully select a book and bring it over to me with such a big smile.
With bright eyes and an open mouthed grin,
you carefully examine each page before turning it for me.
I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you're already so fond of reading.
I can tell that you understand more and more of what Mama and Daddy are saying to you.
You usually respond by shaking your head no,
or saying your most common phrase,
We have no idea what that's supposed to mean,
but we love to listen to you talk to us!
You LOVE music.
We hope that you'll have a great talent in music.
You seem to already.
You sing in the car all the time.
As a song plays, I'll hear you singing softly.
Music has always made your face light up,
and I hope you continue to foster a love for it.
You have your own piano and xylophone,
and routinely play the pots and pans as drums.
I wonder whether you'll be in a band like your Grandad?
I'm excited to watch you grow into a little boy.
I look forward to many memories to come.
Yet, I can't seem to wrap my mind around how someone so small
 is growing so large, so fast.
I would freeze time if I could, but only for a while.
I need time to focus on all the little things-
your brilliant blue eyes, the sound of your contagious laugh,
how excited you are when the "key ka" walks in the room,
the smell of your sweet baby breath,
and how adorable you look when you cuddle with your blankie in bed. 
 Mostly I need to remember how incredible it feels when you flash
your "squinty-eyed, wrinkled-nosed smile."
Don't grow too fast, my Peanut.
With love,
your Mama