Saturday, June 18, 2011


Gabriel is one lucky baby! He has a terrific Daddy that loves him more than he'll ever know (or at least until he has his own children someday).

If Gabriel could talk, he'd be sure to let Daddy know this Father's Day that he thinks he's...

Funny Brave Kind-hearted Goofy Intelligent Strong Handsome Loving Couragous Caring Giving Playful Sincere Inspiring
Humble Honest Wise Hard working Talented Trustworthy
but most importantly, LOVED

Gabriel and I will celebrate Father's Day without Daddy this year because he is away training for the Navy. Words can't describe how proud we are of him, or the respect we have for his decision to serve us, and our country. Thank you Daddy for all you do for us! We pray for you each day, and hope you can feel our love all the way in Great Lakes, IL.

Photos taken by Christy Thayer


  1. Hi Sarah! I'm stopping by from Lady Bloggers :) Gabriel is about my little Zoom's age - he is 9 months old. I'm following you now, it will be fun to see these boys grow up :)

    Happy Fathers Day to Joey!

  2. Little Gabriel’s happy face speaks for itself… and sends a loud-and-clear message to his dad: Life is good and I’m just thrilled to be here! I know how much you and Gabriel must miss Joey, and today I say a little prayer for your precious family. ~love and blessings

  3. Paula,
    Thanks for stopping by! Your little Zoom is quite the cutie!!

    I really appreciate your prayer. This has been a difficult adjustment for all of us, but kind words like yours help a great deal!

  4. Oh wow what amazing pictures! Y'all make such a beautiful family. Found you at the LBS!