Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Father's Day

Gabriel and I really missed Daddy today. It breaks my heart that he missed his first Father's Day. I hope that because today was Sunday that he was in fact allowed some down time to relax. (They are supposed to be able to attend church, write letters home, etc.) I wonder if his RDC yelled, "HAPPY Blank-ety-blank FATHER'S DAY!" to all the wonderful fathers in boot camp? It's the thought that counts, right?

To celebrate Joey today, Gabriel and I made Daddy a special letter.

Gabriel was pretty upset about all the goo on his hands and feet, but calmed down after he had a chance to inspect the strange substance for himself.

A quick trip to the tub washed away all his concerns (and the paint too!).

 We still haven't received a letter from Daddy or our packet from the Navy, so we won't be able to send this letter just yet. I've been writing since he left though, so I'm hoping to get his address soon. I know our letters will mean a great deal to him (especially this one!), as well as all the pictures I'll be enclosing.

How did you spend your Father's Day?


  1. What sweet photographs! I'm sorry you weren't with your hubby this year for Father's Day but I'm sure there wasn't a moment his heart wasn't with you both. XOXO

    My Father's Day was pretty low-key. Went to visit the family and took my dad out for coffee which he then spilled all over the front seat of his car. Ooops :p

  2. I LOVE your pictures! They just melt my heart :) I put Benjamin's hand prints on a football for Jeremiah, I will have to post a pic

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  4. Thanks to you both! It's easy to take great pictures when my subject is so darn adorable!!
    Glad you both had a nice Father's Day.