Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Victory!

I mentioned wanting a new camera in a recent blog, and since then my mind has been consumed with nothing else. I've stayed up hours after Gabriel has gone to bed to research brands, models, and prices. I finally decided on a Canon T1i.
Most were going anywhere from $650-$750 (with a lens). $650 is a lot of money for a stay-at-home mom to pull out of her...well, you know. So I got busy posting my belongings on craigslist. After selling a few big ticket items, I came across a posting that made my heart skip a beat. A lady was selling the brand new T1i she just bought for $500!! Apparently she had bought it to replace a camera she had used for years that had broken, but realized very quickly that the T1i was way over her head. Now, I'd like to live my life believing what others tell me, but I just knew she had to be pulling my leg when she said she'd used it twice before deciding to just have her old camera fixed. I hoped that she was telling the truth and planned to meet her. When she opened the lid to the box, I did a little dance on the inside because every item that came with the camera was still wrapped up in plastic! It was very easy to tell that this camera was in fact BRAND NEW! I happily paid the lady the $500 she was asking (I didn't bother haggling since the camera was worth more than she wanted), and skipped back to my car!

I'm now learning how to use it, and thanks to the internet have a small understanding of how to adjust some of the settings (and what the settings even mean in the first place!) I refuse to use the fully automatic settings on this camera, and plan to learn through trial and error until I can take a class. Today I snapped a few cute pictures of my little peanut. He's still not used to me pointing this big black thing in his face, so he looks about the same in most of the pictures I took. I'll have to enlist Daddy or Mimi to distract and entertain him so that his expression isn't always this one-

This is his "What is that?" face.
 I will certainly be posting plenty of Peanut pictures for your enjoyment from now on, so stay tuned!

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  1. Like, like, like!! How wonderful! It's great that you've got that awesome camera. I'm curious...what did you have to sell to get it? I also have a question: would you be interested in trading a baby photography session for homemade items for Gabe? I could make hats, clothes, blankets, uhhh, a birdie mobile (haha), wall art, etc. Anything you need? Let me know, because I really really need some good pics of my little one before she gets to be a big one, and don't exactly have a lot of cash on hand either. :-)