Friday, March 4, 2011

No Mommy, that's for babies!

At 3 months old, my sweet little baby has decided he is a baby no more! With all the world to see and explore, he is no longer content just laying around cooing. No sir! He wants to explore! How do 3 month olds explore you ask? They can't crawl, can't walk, and can't say, "Hey Mom let's go look over there!" So Gabriel fusses. You lay the kid down for one second and he fusses.

The meltdown is beginning!

It's really quite comical. It's as if he's trying to tell me that he's tired of having to look at the ceiling. Our good friends told us about enjoying "happy baby" while it lasted. They explained that both of their kids reached a stage where they could see something across the room they wanted but because they couldn't crawl yet they had no way to get to it. Add to that the inability to say what it is that they want and you get a fussy baby. I'm wondering if our "happy baby" time had already elapsed.
Some days he requires my FULL attention every minute! He requires that I sit with him in my lap playing with something or watching tv (I know it's awful, but the kid loves tv screens! Funny sidebar- Joey and I took him to the mall to walk around and as we were strolling through Sears a sales lady stopped us to talk to him. She said, "Well hello there! Hi! Hi? You're not looking at me!" He had his head turned away from her and was staring at the wall of tvs in the electronics department! LOL I had to apologize and explain that he also ignores me if there's a tv in the room!) On grumpy days, he also insists I carry him around the house, or venture out in the stroller. I'm actually quite happy that he's taken an interest in riding in the stroller because I could stand to lose a few. Tuesday's stroll began with a failed attempt at a picture with a smile. He was way more interested in hitting the road than having his picture taken.

"Really? Again with the camera! Can we go already?!"
He's also decided he's way too big to be carted around in his carseat. How's a growing boy supposed to explore sitting in that darn carseat! Once again, I think that ceiling is pretty boring. Wednesday lunches with Grandma, GiGi, and Aunt Staci are going to be much more enjoyable now that I've discovered that the kid loves his stroller.

I have no idea why playing in the stroller is better than his carseat, but whatever!
It's hard to believe that in just 3 short months, my tiny baby boy has grown so much. Cuddling used to be his favorite way to spend the day, but he's discovered now that there's a whole new world out there. I just know I'm going to spin around and he'll be headed off to college.


  1. I cannot believe how big he has gotten Sarah! And he's soooo beautiful! I am enjoying my little snuggle baby as long as I can right now

  2. I too can't believe it's been 3 months! And hmmm, maybe it's time we ditch the carseat when we're in the little man is not a huge carseat fan to begin with!
    Shelley (MNHall)