Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gabriel's Adventures in Baby Led Weaning

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had decided on baby led weaning as our method of introducing solid foods to Gabriel. Now that we've been at it for a while, I couldn't be more thrilled with that decision! Gabriel loves feeding himself, and I love that I can take pictures instead of manning the spoon! Here's some pictures of our recent adventures with solid foods!

He made a face at first, but loved his broccoli.

He couldn't get enough mango! Call it coincedence if you choose, but he made Mmmmm noises the whole time!

Oatmeal was yummy and super messy! He used a spoon at first, but as you can tell it didn't last long.

Using a mesh feeder helps him hold real slippery fruit like cantaloupe.

Apples, sweet potato, and avocado make a boy awfully messy.

And messy boys get hosed off in the sink!

Here you can see the two new chompers he's been using to eat all these yummies!


  1. Wow, Gabriel is so cute and adorable.
    It's definitely a good idea to introduce the self-feeding early on. I did the same with our 'Timan' and around 1yo he was getting really good with the spoon. But now he's 2 3/4yo and sometimes I think he's morphing back into a 6 month old concerning using his fingers instead of spoon/fork and his pleasure of making a mess. LOL. And he does not fit into the kitchen sink anymore. ;-)

  2. Hi there!
    I found your blog on the Lady Blogger's Society. Thank you for making me smile today with your adorable baby photos! Today, June 1, is three years since my Mother passed away of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I miss her very much and am really thinking of her today since it is the anniversary of her death. When I clicked on your blog and scrolled down to see the cute baby photos of your precious little one, a smile came to my face and my heart. You brightened my day today! Have a beautiful day and hug your sweet little one! xoxo Kim

  3. I am touched that my Gabriel brightened your day! He has a way of making everyone smile. :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your mother, and hope that you remember many fond memories as you reflect on her life today. Sending hugs your way!

  4. What a sweet boy! Glad to see he's so open to eating such a variety of foods. I remember the messes I encountered when my toddler started food exploration, I miss those days!

    I found you on the Lady Bloggers society and am newly following you. Here's my blog link in case you'd like to follow back:

  5. Go Gabe! I am sooo impressed with how much food you've given him! Naomi seems to not really like the baby purees we've been pushing on her...maybe we should try the baby-led-weaning. It can't hurt, right? I have some of those mesh feeders too, somewhere. I think I'll try to dig 'em out!