Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I've wanted to start a blog for a long time now, but for many years my hectic life didn't allow for it. There was also the problem of a lack of interesting things to write about. (who wants to hear about my job day in and day out?) My life is still hectic, but in a new way... and my new little bundle of joy I'm sure will provide plenty of interesting writing points. So with inspiration from my friend, Shelley Clem, I've up and created a blog. Jump in if you're prepared to read about all things Gabriel, my new life as a stay at home mom, our adventures preparing for and entering the Navy life, and any other ramblings that spill out!

So to explain the title of my blog...
It's a lyric from one of my favorite songs- Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. (click on the link to hear it!)

It's a whimsical song that always puts me in a good mood. He sings of forgetting the world outside, sleeping in, and pretending it's the weekend. I used to feel the urge to call in sick and spend the day carefree just lazing around with Joey after listening to it. What a magical daydream when you're faced with a day of irate customers and associates that thought they deserved a paycheck for showing up late and then standing around! Well now that I don't have a "job", I've come to discover this feeling of enjoying my days as if it were the weekend each and every day. I truly enjoy being the caretaker of our family and home. It doesn't matter what chore awaits me- stinky diaper, messy bathroom, making dinner, packing lunch for Joey- I feel a great sense of pleasure and pride doing so. I do believe I'm called to do this. I've also begun to consider weekends the highlight of my week. When I managed retail stores, weekends didn't exist for us. I almost always worked, and for years mine and Joey's schedules never really seemed to match up. We rarely had the same days off, and never a weekend unless we were on vacation. Now Joey has every weekend off, and we spend them as one big happy family. I also know that soon our weekends will be few and far between, and Gabriel and I will look forward to those weekend visits to Joey as he is training for the Navy. I expect this period of our lives to be very trying, and know that concentrating on the time we do have together- the weekends- will get us through.

Hope you enjoying following our challenging, fun-filled, non-stop, new and improved, blessed lives!


  1. Wow, I inspired you? That's really cool! I hope you find blogging as expressive, inspiring and fulfilling as I do. :-)

  2. You did my friend! As I was reading your blog, I realized creating my own was the perfect way to express myself and to keep my poor brain from turning to mommy mush! I believe this will continue to be a getaway for my thoughts, and something I will look forward to doing on a regular basis. Thanks for the inspiration! :)